A name is an essential part of what makes a brand. But finding the right one is not an easy task at all.

Few people can correctly recall how the logo of a certain brand looks like. But everyone can remember brand names just right.

A name is an essential part of what makes a brand. Names provide identity, they help organisations standing out, and they can also play an important role in telling consumers what to expect. Getting the name right is vital for brands. But finding the right one is not an easy task at all.

That’s in part because available names are getting scarcer. Every business, every startup, every website needs a name. Just in 2019 alone, almost 12 million trademark applications were filled worldwide. And that number has been steadily increasing year over year.

But language is finite. It really raises…

You know the drill. A new project starts. Timings are tight. You look for insights, surround yourself with research. Anxiety starts taking over. You look at the problem from different perspectives. Upside down, left and right. And then, while pouring yourself a good cup of coffee, aHa! the moment finally arrives. You’ve nailed it. Later on, while confidently presenting your idea, someone eviscerates your ego with a cruel

“It reminds me of something”.

Is typography falling out of grace? Or does it still play a fundamental role today?

I was always a type nerd.

During my studies I used to buy typefaces with the little money I had. I can still remember the first one. Plexes, by the Portuguese type designer Dino dos Santos. I thought its character was a good fit for an assignment I was working on at the University. To be honest, looking back I’m not sure it was.

Back then, we were taught that typography was the foundation of graphic design. One of the most, if not the most, important aspects for graphic communication. We learned that legibility is important. That typography can give…

A list of design podcasts you should subscribe to. They’re full of inspiration, insights and advice. I’m sure you’ll learn something new!

I think that there is nothing more inspiring than a good conversation. But how often throughout our busy days, do we really get to slow down and have a deep and meaningful conversation about Design?

Not very often if you ask me. That’s why I like podcasts. I really enjoy listening to talented people talk passionately about Design. Although not in the room, as a listener I still feel like I’m part of the conversation.

And they help me make the most of my 30 minute daily commute to and from work. …

Presentations should tell a story. And the story is not about how smart you are, or how many words you can fit into a slide. Presentations are about them. The…

The value of research

Design is valuable. I have no doubts about that. Design fosters meaningful connections between artefacts and individuals. It helps organisations communicate what makes them different. And it enables us designers to build solutions that are relevant for the user or target audiences. Even on economics, the financial performance between companies that value these strategy driven uses of design has been historically better than those that don’t.

That’s because design is not about the visual outcome. Design is a methodology. A research driven process where the Designer creatively transforms information and insights into value and meaning. …

The first edition

I know all of you live busy lives, and our time online is usually dedicated to things other than searching the web for the latests Design news. This is why I’m starting this kind of Design digest. My goal is to have a means of speaking to you directly, delivering not only updates on new articles, but also a curated collection of interesting things (I hope) that are Design related.

On this current issue I’m sharing with you: an award winning design project, a “business thriller” set on agile brand building principles, information on the design system from the biggest…

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”

Jeff Bezos

I’ve seen this statement used in presentations and articles several times. There’s something in it that seems to resonate with marketing and branding professionals. It shifts your perception and makes you think that maybe you were wrong all the way. Because to some extent it speaks the truth. A logo does not make a brand. But is Brand really just about perception?

Right or wrong, Jeff Bezos is not alone in his opinion. Several brand experts have expressed a similar understanding of Brand as a set of associations in the customer mind.

As a designer I frequently judge brands on how I experience them visually. But experiencing a brand is not only about what you see. It’s not only about logos, color schemes or nice typographies. We can’t separate the way we experience a brand from the products it sells, the services it offers, the way it treats us or how it makes us feel.

Same same but different

Today, due to globalisation and free-market dynamics, we have a lot of products and services to choose from. But the free flow of people, products, information, doesn’t come without its perils. The ideas that make products or services unique, are nowadays easily copied. Technological advances, can be reverse-engineered. Production, outsourced. And prices, quickly matched or undercut.

Products and services, are becoming growingly ineffective as the sole carrier of a differentiating value proposition.

As a consequence, consumers are left looking for something else that can help them make a purchasing decision. On the other hand, without relevant product or service differentiation…

David Mendes

Brand Identity & Brand Experience. interest in global affairs, tackling big problems, and purposeful brands. www.moonismoon.com / www.ideasondesign.com

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